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How PropStock Works

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PropStock is designed to do one thing:

Simplify the sharing, storing, and accessing of property flyers.

First, login to your PropStock account or create a new account. We’ve linked PropStock with other services like Google, LinkedIn and Facebook to make it real easy.

Second, upload a file. The file has to be in pdf format. We do this to prevent viruses associated with other file types. You can simply upload a file from your phone or desktop. Or you can pull in files from your Dropbox account.

PropStock upload a file


Third, create the privacy settings for the file and select the appropriate tags (or create new tags). A file can either be set as private or public. Public files are viewable on PropStock. Private files can only be viewed by those you share the file with.


Propstock editing file permissions



If your files are set to “public” then they will appear in public file folders on PropStock and also on your profile page.  As you “tag” your public files like #commercial #office #austin #tx, then the file will be automatically added to those folders making it easy for others to discover your files.

Other users will be able to save or download your files into their accounts. This makes it very easy to share property flyers and documents.

And finally, PropStock supports version control.  This means as you update, edit, or remove a file/document, it will automatically update in other users accounts.

They will always have the current version (so long as you keep the file name the same).

Best of all, PropStock tracks all of the key analytics related to your files (number of times viewed, number of downloads, number of shares).


PropStock analytics









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June 20th, 2017 at 12:51 pm

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